About The Blogger


Who The Heck Is This Lady?! 

Hello everyone! I’m Takeallah Rivera and I am a College Access Coordinator at The Center for Community Engagement and Service at Pacific Lutheran University and an Assistant AVID and CHAMPS Instructor at Keithley Middle School in Parkland, Washington.  I accepted these positions in hopes of gaining more experience in working with youth and advocating for social change within the American education system.  I started this blog to keep up with all of the events and knowledge I gain throughout my daily life as an educator, mother, student, and fellow, as well as to provide resources to other educators and parents with similar interests and values.

     I am also a Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth and Lactation Educator, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist at “Make Lemonade,” my private doula practice.  At “Make Lemonade”, I provide nurturing doula support and education to women and their families in hopes of helping improve maternal and infant health of Black/Brown/low-income women and children who face appalling health disparities. Education equity and reproductive justice are intersectional and I am deeply committed to both in my work. I am also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Interdiscplinary Studies and plan to utilize my degree to promote education equity and reproductive justice as well.

I am a single mother to a three-year named Jimi, who is currently enrolled in a Reggio Emilia program and is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, corn dogs, and trains! I practice gentle, gender neutral parenting and unschooling, where I develop a weekly, Montessori-based curriculum for him.  I love being an educator and using my skills at home to teach my child! Also, I feel that for my son, learning Reggio Emilia-style at school and Montessori-style at home as greatly contributed to his unwavering independence and creativity! He’s a blast!


To round out our family, we have three cats, Serenity, Mickey, and Tyr, a Pomeranian named Roxanne, and a Hound named Juniper!